Shivam Protect Wrap

Cold Applied, Self-Adhesive, Anti-Corrosive, Anti, Pipe Wrapping Tape

Aluminium Paint

Aluminium Paint

Bitumen Silver Paint offered by us is manufactured using superior quality raw material which is widely used for waterproofing and it is highly reflective. Bitumen silver paint is a combination of aluminum powder and oxidized Bitumen volatile solvents. This is used over old painted surfaces without burning and scraping. Bitumen silver paint is widely appreciated by our valuable clients. Clients can avail this bitumen silver paint at reasonable price in the market.

Black Japan

Black Japan

We are one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Black Japan made using superior quality raw material. These are used mostly for protection of iron and steel structures, pipes and other construction above or below water and developed as per the industry standards. Our range is provided in different dimensions that meet the individual requirement of our clients. We supply these products at reasonable price in the market.

Anti Corrosion Tape

Anti Corrosion Tape

Shivam Protect Wrap is a hot and cold applied corrosion protection bituminous tape made up of specially formulated corrosion resistant bitumen compound provides high softening, penetration and resistance to aging. The tapes comprises of high tensile strength themo fusible HMHDPE film on both the sides and comes in various thicknesses and in various width according to pipe dimensions & requirements. Rolls can be stored upto 15 months if stored in adequate environment.


Protectowrap is a tough, performed, cold applied, pipe wrapping tape comprising a strong, cross-laminated, multi-layer, HDPE film with superior mechanical properties and a thick elastic self-adhesive SBS/bitumen compound, designed to provide protection for buried pipelines and over ground pipes carrying high-value fluids, gases, drinking water against corrosion. Protectowrap meets the requiredments of EN 22592 and AWWA-C 209 specifications. Styandards. Tough polyester fabric is sandwiched with cross- laminated HD film on upper side and silicon release film on the bottom to provide the best protection to pipelines against corrosion.


  • Easy to apply, no torching required
  • Excellent adhesion
  • High Strength
  • High Flexibility
  • Resistance to acids and alkali
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Resistance to soil, bacteria, Marine Organisms and root growth.
  • Abrasion resistant

Method of application:

The surface of the pipe must be cleaned thoroughly by sandblasting or wire brushing and must be ensured frees of dirt, grease oil, dust, scales or any other foreign matter. Surface area should be thoroughly dried before application of primer, Stir the contents of the primer thoroughly to remove any sediments. Apply the primer with a brush or spray to ensure complete sealing of all undulations particularly around weld joints. Resell the container when not in use.


During the wrapping application, it is important to maintain an eve tension while controlling the overlap to prevent air entrapment, which could lead to corrosion at a later stage. The tapes are best applied by machine, either hand powered for small runs r mechanically propelled for long runs and overlap of 50mm is recommended for single wraping.


The tape is available in thickness of 2mm and 3mm and in 10,15 and 20mtrs length and 1mtr width.


Use of hand gloves and suitable cream is recommended during application. Respirators should be worn. Keep away from fire and fumes.


This should be stored under, out of direct sunlight and protected from extreme temperatures. Shelf life is up to 12 months when stored as per recommended storage conditions.

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