Bitumen Emulsion for roads


Emulsion: When bitumen is dispresed in water in minute particles, It is called Bitumen Emulsion, The oil is water type emulsion confirms to IS:8887 - 1978. Latest Technology as it ideal for road and other applications, in cold state.


Road Emulsion are broadly classified under cationic and Anionic types. Our Cationic type of Road Emulsions are per IS:2004 and Anionic type as per IS:3117:2004. We produce broadly three categories of each type of Road Emulsion-Rapid setting, Medium setting & Slow setting.

Bitumen Emulsions are fluid enough to be applied at normal atmosphere temperature without heating and their viscocities are not materially affected by change of temperatures. Unlike hot applied bitumen which dries up quickly, they remain fluid for longer giving sufficient time for easy application.

The Applications

General Spray Special Spray
Tack Coat Fog seal/black seal
Primer Coat Mulching
Liquid Seal Coat Dust binding
Penetration Macadam Water Proofing
Built up Spray group
Premix Special & Exculsive
Carpet Recyclling
Macadam Patching Mixes
Concerte     Slurry Seal
Soil Stabilisation

Advantages of using emulsion over hot Bitumen

Emulsion in different grades and types is tailor made to meet different design and working requirements it also has certain exclusive applications where bitumen cannot be used in added it scores over bitumen in many ways.

  • Round the year use high productivity flexibility of operation. Simple and easy to handle.
  • Damp aggregate can be used. Low Construction Cost.
  • Pollution Free.
  • Conservation of Petroleum Products.
  • Enery and fuel savings
  • Safe for work with.

Advantages Technical

  • Better Coating ability
  • More life for roads
  • Less susceptible to bleeding
  • Wider spreadability
  • Works in dam conditions
  • In built anti stripping properly
  • More Shelf Life

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